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The Life Of A Working Dog.

Easy, Fast Puppy Training Can Be Done At Home
    The old way of training puppies and dogs relied on choke chains and orders: you do what I say or else!
     A new type of training, known as Clicker training, uses the power of timing and rewards versus the power of punishment. This innovative training method, which is supported by the American Kennel Club, is used and taught by renowned behavioral scientist Karen Pryor, who originally trained dolphins with clicks. She was one of the first to see how this gentle method could also be used to train dogs, puppies, horses, turtles, lobsters, birds, virtually anything-even goldfish.
     With this technique, a puppy can be trained to come when called, chew only its toys (and not your shoes and socks), sit to be petted, not jump on people, and to "go" where it's supposed to go, as well as how to chase its tail, retrieve a toy, and other games.
     Here's how clicker training works:
The puppy/dog begins to do something you want it to. You instantly signal your approval (a clicker works well for this). Click while the behavior is happening. Reward with a treat (one small taste of something special).
The puppy misbehaves. No click. No reward. You wait for a behavior you like.
     Clicker training focuses on building behavior, not stopping behavior. The clicker is an event marker; it tells the dog exactly what behavior is "good." You then "reinforce" the message with a treat. This is the beginning of "shaping" the behavior of the dog. Using this method, a dog can be trained to do virtually anything that it is physically capable of doing.
    Because the dog is working with you and you are communicating with each other (with no yelling, chain jerking or punishment), the dog becomes an enthusiastic partner in its own training. Free clicker information is available on the Internet at
    Clicker training videos, books, starter kits, and clickers are available through, at many bookstores throughout the country, or call Sunshine Books at
1-800-47 CLICK (1-800-472-5425) for information.