Preserving Pet Memories In Special Friskies Scrapbook

Thanks for the memories! That's what pet owners are saying to their pets by organizing and showcasing cherished  pet memories in a special scrapbook.   The creative scrapbook helps to preserve the fond, frisky moments shared between pet and owner throughout the years.

The Friskies Millennium Memories Scrapbook from Friskies PetCare Company is a 16-page scrapbook complete with
colorful growth charts, special sections for important milestones and a dedicated space for tracking visits to the veterinarian.
Best of all, it's free with just six UPCs (bar codes) from any Friskies cat or dog food product, including dry, canned or treats,
plus $1.99 for shipping and handling.   According to a study by the American Animal Hospital Association (1998), love and attention are essential to ensure the quality of a pet's life. "Friskies wants families and their pets to build that special bond and continue a healthy life together into the millennium," said Barbara Royer, Manager of Professional Communications, Friskies PetCare Company. "This scrapbook is a perfect way to showcase that special relationship with their pets."
Details on how to order the scrapbook can be found in the December 5 SmartSource magazine, available in most Sunday
newspapers.and  After December 5, log onto www.Friskies.com for complete details. This special offer ends May 31, 2000.