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Dog Saves The Day And Wins Award

Forty-four heroes honored for saving children from drowning, rescuing people from burning buildings, and stopping armed robbers in their tracks all have one thing in common-they're dogs.

Proving that a dog's life is often an honorable one, these courageous canines have saved more than 80 children and adults, earning them the distinction of The Dog Hero of the Year award.

The most recent hero in this group is Sadie, a three-year-old English Setter from Bethpage, Tenn. Recently named the Skippy Dog Hero of the Year, Sadie earned this honor by rescuing her owner, Michael Miller. The pair had gone hunting and after about one-third of a mile, Miller, 36, was struck with a heart attack.

Sadie, only 45 pounds, dragged the 180-pound Miller back to his house, where his wife called for an ambulance. Miller had to undergo emergency triple bypass surgery. "I would never have made it on my own, and it's amazing she was able to drag me back to the house," said Miller.

For being chosen as the 44th Skippy Dog Hero of the Year, Sadie will receive a year's supply of Skippy dog food, an engraved dog bowl, a dog hero medal, a certificate of merit and a $500 cash prize, which her owner plans to use to build her a new pen.

A friend of Miller's nominated Sadie after he read about the program in a newspaper.

The program, which is sponsored by Skippy Dog Food, has existed for 44 years. This year it was transferred from the Reward brand to help introduce the launch of the new Skippy Mega-brand of dog food.

If you know a courageous dog that deserves distinction for a brave act, you may want to nominate that dog for the 45th Annual Skippy Dog Hero Award.

To nominate a dog, send a detailed description of the heroic act along with your name, address and phone number to Skippy Dog Hero Contest, Heinz Pet Products, One Riverfront Place, Newport, KY 41071 or send an email to The submitted heroic deed must have occurred after October 1, 1998 and entries must be

postmarked by January 31, 2000.

For more information about the contest visit