Pet Love Shack-Louisiana
Post Card:  The Cottage, Baton Rouge, La "The Cottage" was built in 
1824 by the great-great  grandfather of the present occupants.  Adjoining 
the 20 room  house is the 1000 acre plantation.  The house with many 
original furnishings, is now open to the public. 
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Capital Area Animal Welfare Society
6357 Quinn Drive, P.O.Box 77765,  Baton Rouge, LA 70879
Tel:  (225) 752-5801

Lafayette Animal Aid
P.O. Box 82031, 108 Noel Drive, Lafayette, LA 70598-2031
Tel:  (318) 232-3089

Southern Animal Foundation
P.O. Box 4164, NOLA 70178-4164
Tel: (504) 861-7729