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Senior Focus Radio

      Listen to a wonderful segment with Senior Focus's Guest Host, Don Watson talking to Mort Crim about all of the wonderful things he has been doing including his latest book "How To Be As Terrific As Your Dog Thinks You Are". 
       In this touching selection of essays, journalist and speaker Mort Crim shares the lessons he learned from his dogs and the comfort they brought into his life. Primarily, he shares stories of Golum, a gentle Doberman, and Bogey, a cocky little Dachshund, and the positive lasting effects they had on his life. From welcoming him home from work each day to helping him through the death of his first wife, these two dogs shared canine love and wisdom in ways that will touch-and sometimes break-your hearts.
     The author shares more that just his personal experience, however. He also examines the innate wisdom of dogs when it comes to love, caring for others, and just being yourself. Crim explores the many life lessons we can learn from our dogs if we just take the time to observe them and open our lives to them. These lessons include the value of loyalty, the importance of play, the ability to be happy with what you have, the capacity to take criticism without holding a grudge and so many others. There are even thoughts on getting along with those selfish, egotistical, aloof people in our lives-in other words, cats (and there are even a few things we can learn from felines).
     For readers who have had wonderful dogs in their lives, this book will revive joyful memories. For those considering inviting one into their home for the first time, this book will show them how much a dog can add to their lives and how deeply one can touch your soul. This is an unforgettable book for any animal lover.
     Petie is a big fan of Mr. Crim and noticed that one story in his new book is about a gentle Doberman. 
"How To Be As Terrific As Your Dog Thinks You Are"

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Blue Doberman Petie
Blue Doberman Petie