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Airedale Rescue

Basset Hounds
Rescue Links, Information

Beagles On The Web
National links, information and rescues

Border Collie
Links to information and rescue organizations

Boxer Rescue
Links and Information

Doberman Rescues/Clubs

Fox  Terrier
     Wire Fox Terrier
     Smooth Fox Terrier

German Shepherd
Rescue Links/Information

Heaven Can Wait Sanctuary
Non-profit organization - no kill sanctuary in Las Vegas.  All breeds, cats and dogs available for adoption.
Tel:  702-227-5555

JRTCA Russell Rescue (Nationwide)

Labrador Retriever
Rescue Links/Information

Nevada SPCA
4800 West Dewey Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89118
(702) 873-SPCA

Nevada Humane Society(Reno)

Pets Bed-N-Breakfast (Las Vegas)
PO Box 18000-234   Las Vegas, Nevada  89109
Phone (702) 395-0100

Rottweiler Rescues/Clubs

Smooth Fox Terrier

Wire Fox Terrier

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