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My Lab shakes her head, scratches her ear, etc...Any suggestions? 
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     Mmmmm... You have a tough one.   Do you have any other Vet's in your area that you can call and maybe get a better price, to perform a culture?
      Your Lab can have ear problems  for many different reasons. Allergies, Parasites, bacteria, yeast, Foreign objects, Trauma, Hormones, excess    moisture, hereditary, immune conditions, tumors and the list goes on...
    Because there are many potential causes of ear problems, Vet's cannot just say it's one thing,  dispense medications, and your Lab's ear problem will go away. This is why your Vet may of wanted to perform a culture.
    Dark, creamy wax that resembles peanut butter and smells like yeast...could mean your Lab has a yeast  infection, particularly if she had been in the water.
    If her ear canal is red and there's moist yellow paste maybe even with 
a fruity or strong smell this could indicate a bacterial infection which may require oral or topical antibiotics
   If you Lab is shaking her head, vomiting and may appear uncoord- inated this could be a middle and inner ear concern.
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I have a 16 month old female black lab.  She has an ear condition: shakes head, scratches ear, etc.  Over the counter solutions relieve condition for 
a few days.  Vet wants over $150  to sedate and take a culture.  I suspect because so many Labs have ear problems there's a common and likely diagnosis.  I'd like to treat for the 
most common reason for this 
Any suggestions?

 Steve Gunn 


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