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Huge Puppy Mill In Hickman County, TN Over 300 Dogs & Puppies and 30-50 Horses Kept In The Worst Conditions Possible!Killing Fields With Countless Skulls of Puppies,
Dogs & Horses on Property…Case Sent To Grand Jury!
     December 21, 1998.... A Hickman County woman is under investigation on charges of 195 counts of animal cruelty. The Humane Society says the woman ran a kind of puppy factory, keeping about 300 dogs and puppies in what they describe as ‘deplorable conditions.’
     On Monday, makeshift kennels and card table adoptions were set up for the monumental task of finding homes for nearly 300 dogs and puppies. The animals came from as called ‘puppy mill’ that was raided by members of the Hickman Humane Society. Those who saw where the dogs were being kept were sickened. They were in wire cages with feces piled up and maggots. Newborn puppies on the ground.
     Every horrible story was out there, said a witness. They had pet carriers with two to five animals inside one pet carrier! A two-by-two box, another outraged witness said. No food or shelter or water. None had the proper care. Their coats have lice and parasites, added another.
     This monster had been tipped off about the raid, and Patricia Adkisson, the owner, had removed over a hundred dogs from the property! There were filthy cages everywhere Empty! There was the remnants of an old trailer that housed dogs in unbelievable filth. The cages were stacked four high with no bottoms to protect the dogs underneath. Outside there were two rows of horrific cages that were of wood and chicken wire and burlap that was so weathered it hung in strips of decay and inside those cages were mountains of feces that the dogs lived in. Most of these dogs had also been removed.
     "On the way up the hill on one side there was a field of about 50 horses that were malnourished and pathetic. And in that field there was a mare standing over and nudging her dead foal. There were goats that seemed to have survived these deplorable conditions but ran down the hill in record speed when they heard the sound of a truck engine they seemed to recognize as someone coming to cast them food."
     Patricia Adkisson, who declined to comment, owns the farm where the dogs came from. All of the dogs were purebred, leaving officials to surmise that she sold them for profit. Adkisson faces 195 separate counts of cruelty to animals and more charges may follow. At least some of these dogs were stolen, rescuers discovered when they found dogs that had disappeared from their homes!
     On Adkisson’s property, at least 20 horses - many nothing more but skin and bone - were discovered clustered around hay bales placed in the pasture by the Humane Society. But what was over the pasture hill on the woman’s property struck terror in the volunteers. Removed from that described ‘killing field’ were horse and dog skulls, as well as the tiny ones of puppies. A close look indicates the animals had been shot. The Humane Society has given the remains to state investigators.
     Patricia P. Adkisson is a "breeder" of purebred Arabian horses (had 28 Arabians registered in her name a few years ago according to the AHR). She also has a son, Mark T. Adkisson, who owned 4 Arabian horses as of the 1996 Arabian Horse Registry CD. It is not known at this time if those horses were on the property and rescued.

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