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Okkly gives Haley a Hug
Little girl, do you know you
smell like peanut butter and Jelly?

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Pit Bull Orky gets a hug
Isn't it great to be squeezed?
Orky and Haley

We love to run and play!

Isn't it a wonderful day?




Wow, you really like to jump!!

Orky playing and have fun
How do you catch a unique rabbit?
Unique up on it!
 How do you catch a tame rabbit?
Tame way, unique up on it.

dog had bath
Just had a bath. Time to relax.

Orky is the newest pet love shack family member
Safe!!!  Safe at Second Base.
Back - Little Red Dog Nellie
Left - Orky    Right - Jack.
Orky is the newest Pet Love Shack family member!!