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My dog eats grass all the time Any suggestions? 




Dear Janet, 
     Sometimes dogs eat grass when they have a mild stomach upset and usually they'll vomit soon after that, this has led to the belief that dogs eat grass when they're unwell to make themselves vomit. 
      Eating unusual objects can arise from a dietary deficiency, so it' s a good idea to get them checked by a vet.  If everything is okay medically, consider ways to 
discourage your dogs' eating habits. 
    Most indoor, and many outdoor, plants are poisonous to dogs. It can be the leaves, berries, stems, or roots that cause the poisoning. The only plant easily identifiable and safe for a dog to chew and swallow is grass. 
     Eating grass is quite often followed by vomiting and it is thought by some researchers that the grass  acts as an emetic. Some researchers also feel that many dogs simply like its taste 
      Keep your dogs on a lead when they encounter any substance you don' t want  them to eat. When your dogs approach the grass or compost, say "no".  Give another command, such as "heel", and reward your dogs when they  comply. 
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I Hi Petie
my dog eats grass all the time, in the yard and when we go for a walk
eats it all the time almost never throws up from it, only if I let him eat to much
he seems to like it seeks out the best most tender young long grass he can find on walks he smells all the grass look for just the right kind so I let him eat it for a bit, since he seems to like it so much then I stop him when I feel its too much
I have asked vets why and they don't seem to know are surprised he eats it 
so much, but have no answers for me
how bout you???
can you explain this??
thank you
Janet Kruzel


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