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Ruff Rider's Roadietm Canine Vehicle Restraint is rated 
"Top Choice" 
in Independent Study by 
Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine

      (Boulder, Colorado, 2000) According to an independent  study done by Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, "Your Dog" Magazine, Ruff Rider's Roadietm was "the beefiest of  the harness restraints we looked at, and the only one that was  subjected to tensile-strength testing by an independent laborator.  According to the lab report the (Roadietm)…failed at 6,675 and 7025 pounds." Thus surpassing the SAE standards for human seatbelts in the US which is 5,000 pounds tensile. Tuft's independent study went on to say that the Roadietm was "very impressive,  especially when you consider the average dog is much lighter than a human…The Roadietm has a number of strong points. The 1-3/4  inch nylon webbing that makes up the major stress routes puts it up  into the human category of seatbelts. With seatbelts, wider is better - more comfortable to wear and more comfortable when you strain  against it under force. We also like the way the belt criss-crosses on  the chest and is heavily pleated and tacked about the shoulders   where it connects with a car's seat belt system…(the Roadie) is our  top choice; it's a well though out ruggedly made restraint…well  worth the $40.00 value in our opinion."
     Tom Gannon concluded, "The Roadietm was clearly the superior  product in the opinion of the editors, well made and without any design or construction defects that we could detect. The Ruff Rider  "Roadietm" harness is solidly made of high grade materials. For  maximum protection…our editors recommend spending the extra  money for the Ruff Rider."
     You can find out more about Ruff Rider Product, Why Crates are NOT Safe in Cars and other Facts about the Roadie Canine Vehicle Restraint by visiting their website at or call 888-783-3743. 

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