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Left  Photo:  Old Post Card
Meet Me In Florida.  Post Marked 1922

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Abandoned Pet Rescue
Tel:  954-728-9010

Adopt A Pet
11900 sw 232 st, Homestead, FL 33170
Tel:  (305) 257-2275

Animal Rescue Force
P.O. Box 32785 , Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420-2785
Tel:  (561) 965-2090
Each Saturday their Petmobile brings homeless dogs and cats to different locations throughout Palm Beach County.

Animal Rescue League
3200 North Military Trail
West Palm Beach, FL  33409 (One mile North of Okeechobee Blvd.)
Tel:  (561) 686-3663

Animal Rescue Movement
c/o Jeanne Dixon
P.O. Box 435, Doctor's Inlet, FL 32030-0435
Tel:  (904) 282-8581

Animal Rights Foundation of Florida
P.O. Box 841154 Pembroke Pines, Florida 33084
Tel: 954-917-ARFF

Animal Shelter
Breed: All Breeds
859 County Rd. 545, Winter Garden, FL 34787
Contact: Lorrie Nassofer
Tel:  407-877-7387

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