Pet Love Shack- Texas
Galveston Texas Post Card
Post Card Front:  Bathing Pavillons on the Beach, 
Galveston Texas
Post Marked :  1917
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Homeless Pet Placement League
P. O. Box 273027, Houston, TX 77277
Tel:  (713) 862-7387

House Rabbit Resource Network
PO Box 33364 Austin, TX 78764
Tel:  (512) 444-3277

Humane Animal Rescue Team (H.A.R.T.)
P.O. Box 153293  Irving, TX
Tel:  214-332-9535 (24 hour voicemail)

Humane Society of Austin and Travis County

Humane Society of North Texas
1840 East Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth, Texas 76103-2124
Tel:  (817) 332-HSNT (answered 24 hours)

Humane Society of Tom Green County
142 U.S. Hwy 67N, San Angelo, Texas 76905
Tel:  (915) 278-5300
(H.S. Voicemail) (915) 657-4225
Lost Animal Hotline: (915) 657-4233