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Pets And Children

Pet HMO, Pet Stains,
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Therapy Dogs

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Farm Sanctuary - West Coast
P.O. Box 1065,  Orland, CA 95963
Tel:   530-865-4617

Feral Cat Coalition - FCC
9528 Miramar Road PMB 160, San Diego, CA 92126
SAN DIEGO, CA  92126
Tel:  (619) 497-1599 (local calls only please)

For the Animals/ TV

Friends for Life
P.O. Box 60082, Sacramento CA 95860
Tel:  (916) 551-3881

Friends of Animals Foundation
Tel:  (310) 479-5089

Friends of County Animal Shelters - FOCAS
P.O. Box 8375 , La Jolla, CA 92038
Tel: (619) 685-3536

Friends of Placer County Animal Shelter
Auburn Location
11251 B Avenue - Auburn, CA  95603
Tel:  530-886-5539
Tahoe Vista Location
849 Shelter Road - Tahoe Vista, CA
P.O. Box 1439 - Kings Beach, CA  96143
Tel:  530-546-4269

Friends of the Animals in the Redwood Empire

Friends of the Fairmont Animal Shelter
2700 Fairmont Drive; San Leandro, California 94578-0247
Tel:  (510) 667-7736

Furry Friends Pet-Assisted Therapy Services
P.O. Box 5099, San Jose, CA 95150
Tel:  (408) 280-6171

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