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Paulding Volunteer Animal Rescue, Inc.
Breed: All
P.O. Box 768, Powder Springs, GA 30127
Contact: Stephanie Parker
Phone: 770-445-7294

Rome & Floyd County Humane Society
Breed: All Breeds
509 Mt Vernon Hwy Ng, Atlanta, GA 30328
Contact: Russell Mcclanahan
Phone: 706-234-7979

Rottweiler Rescues/Clubs

Sandersville Animal Control & Police Department
Breed: All Breeds
126 Malone St.
Sandersville, GA
Contact: Lynn A. Schlup
Phone: 912-552-5906

Save Our Strays, Inc.
D/B/A S.O.S., Inc.
Dedicated to companion animal rescue serving the metro-Atlanta area.