Pet Love Shack

Doberman Dog Petie Photo

Blue Dobie Petie 

Yoga Goes To The Dogs  Should Your Love Life
Go To The Dogs?

Discarded Treasures
"Attention Shoppers! 
Sale in Aisle Two!"
Dogs of War
doggone amazing ways
Cold Nose
Warm Heart
Everyday Heroes:
Caring For Rescue Dogs
"In sickness and in health
for richer and for poorer 
for as long as all shall live?"
If you were writing a classified ad to find
the perfect pet how would it read?
Know Your Personality... 
Find A Pet To Match It!
Can my daughter who is pregnant 
get hookworms from her dog?
Petie's teeth are frequently 
brushed using a special tooth
paste just for dogs! 
Three doggies in a tub! 
Stick out Your Tongue
and Say Aah!
The Right Pet For You and Your Family Those "Rascally Wabbits" 
are everywhere!
Twinkle, Twinkle, Doggie Star 
How I wonder where you are.
What do you get when you 
cross a black cat with a lemon?
Groundhog Day Pet Experts Announce 
Healthiest Cities For Pets
"Old Blue Eyes Ralph"
Do you remember when?